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Yuri Beckers' wonderful website about the 9th I.D.

WWII Army Enlistment Records

Enter the 8 digit service # of the WWII Army veteran you are researching. If the service # is only 7 digits, place a zero in front of the first number before you search

WWII Memorial Search

Most Veterans who were killed during WWII are listed on this site:  If you would like to honor a loved one who served in WWII, you can add their name to this database. 

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U.S. Marine Raiders Association

Pacific Wrecks

If you are looking for information about WWII in the South Pacific, this is a must visit website! Justin Taylan has been dedicated to collecting stories and preserving our veterans histories since 1995. He is also dedicated to bringing home our MIA serviceman.

Find a Grave In the past few years, Find a Grave has become invaluable to our research efforts. 

Get help returning Vietnam Era Tags

Patriot Connections  Researcher, Sue Quinn-Morris does a wonderful job researching and organizing meaningful returns to Vietnam veterans and their families. You can read about many of the returns on the website, or contact Sue for help.

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Resources for veterans

Mesothelioma Assistance

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